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RB Micro


We have closed our store at RB Micro. After selling out of all available crystal elements, we no longer have any products to offer but we thank all of our previous customers for your support over the last 12 years.

Do you have a damaged element in your D-104? This is a common problem due to the type of crystal that Astatic used in their MC-320 elements. Even when kept is a stable environment, the crystal will degrade over time. Today, most MC-320 elements will have a tinny or boxey sound to the output or simply a very low audio output.  An excellent and economical solution is our direct replacement crystal element. We took over 9 months to develop our crystal element mounting kit which also requires the separate purchase of a new 25LM022 crystal element. The total price for both items is only $29.50.

Here is just one of many satisfied customers:

Just a short note to let you know I received the XTLK - MC320 Direct Replacement Element and Mounting Kit –

I followed your directions and within minutes the D104 Silver Eagle had come back to life better than ever. Everything worked out just great, I got on 40 mtrs to test how it sounded with a friend of mine in Winters California, been friends with him for many years and he knows my voice in person as well over the air, Larry told me to take all my other mic’s and trash them, he also recorded my transmission and to be honest with you my D104 never sounded this good.

I thank you for making this available to me and I will let other hams who don’t know about your replacement Element for the D104 just who you are and how to order.

Chuck - Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Sales are limited to US and Canada Only